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Intraoral Photography in Lakeview & South Loop Chicago

One of the most highly advanced innovations in the dental world is the intraoral camera. This camera provides a clear, close-up view of the inside of the patient’s mouth. This handheld camera is close in shape and size to dental mirrors or an electric toothbrush. It has its own built-in light and provides clear and easy-to-see still pictures and videos. These photographs are important to patient records because they provide a static in-depth look at the patient’s dentition that can be easily reviewed and compared with the patient’s other records.

Intraoral Camera Photography

The Intraoral Photography Process

The process for the intraoral camera is easy and quick, allowing the dentist for optimal results. The camera can easily zoom in one tooth or give a full overview of the patient’s entire mouth. Images are then broadcast directly onto a computer monitor or television to help identify easily visible problems like broken fillings, plaque deposits, cavities, cracked teeth, excessive wear, and gum disease.

For intraoral shots, we make sure that the retracted frontal and lateral views are taken one foot away from the patient’s face and at maximum optical zoom to get the best possivle results. After treatment, the camera can also provide patients with a close-up view of their healthier mouth. The before and after photos of a patient’s mouth can give him or her a peace of mind that their treatment is working.

In many cases, the images captured by the intraoral camera may be printed so patients can take them home or we can keep them in your dental records. If you need more extensive treatment, these images can be sent to specialists or even to the insurance company to verify coverage.

You Get the Dentist’s View

When we use the intraoral camera, you will become a more active partner in your own treatment. You will be able to see the inside of your mouth from our perspective. Having a patient see detailed pictures showing anatomy, surgical steps, materials, and more can help educate patients on diagnosis and proper treatment. This allows patients to have a visual of their mouth as the dentist explains specific problems and treatments to them, ultimately improving their understanding and acceptance of their unique case. Once you more clearly understand your dental issues, you will be able to make more confident decisions regarding your dental care.

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