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A dental drill may not be the only option for removing tooth decay. In some cases, a new method called air abrasion provides an alternative to the traditional dental drill, proving beneficial to many of our patients.

Air abrasion uses a process that is similar to a mini-sandblaster, as it “sandblasts” the tooth to rapidly remove tooth decay and enamel—all without the use of a dental drill. This new technological advancement uses a pressurized stream of minute, non-toxic, abrasive powder to remove the decay. The air abrasion tool can blow a powerful air stream of tiny aluminum oxide particles out of its tip onto the tooth that then bounce off the tooth and blast away any decay.

Compared to a traditional dental drill, air abrasion’s advantages include reductions in noise, heat, vibration, and sensitivity. For many patients, the procedure requires little or no anesthesia.

Although air abrasion cannot always substitute for the dental drill, it can be an effective device. The instrument is safe, but we recommend wearing protective eyewear and the use of a rubber dam in order to protect the nearby teeth and gums that aren’t being treated.


Air abrasion is used to prepare teeth for composites or fillings and it also helps to repair cracks and discolored teeth. Other uses include:

  • If you need to have your teeth prepared for bonding procedures, such as sealants.
  • Removing old composite restorations, but not metallic restorations such as silver amalgam fillings.
  • Removing superficial stains and tooth discolorations.

Air abrasion is ideal for children and others who are fearful of the dentist and tool noises and have minimal decay.

Key Benefits

Art of Modern Dentistry uses air abrasion to treat some types of tooth decay. Advantages of air abrasion include:

  • Potential in some patients and cases not to require anesthesia
  • Reduction of sensitivity
  • Leaving more of the healthy tooth tissue intact
  • Reduction of noise, heat, and vibration

We use the latest in technology, such as air abrasion, to offer state-of-the-art dental services, providing our patients with excellent dental services and unparalleled skill. Come in today to either our Lakeview or South Loop office and let us help boost your confidence with the smile you’ve always wanted. If you are nervous about coming into the dentist, contact us today and we can walk through the procedure you may need.  Call us at 877.749.8753 or schedule an appointment online to let us provide your family with the quality dental care you deserve.

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