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Dental Bridges in Chicago’s Lakeview & South Loop

Dental Bridges In ChicagoA bridge can be used to replace missing teeth and is often offered as an alternative to dental implants. To place a bridge, we first place a crown on the teeth immediately adjacent to the empty space. The false tooth connects to these crowns and is positioned in the open area. One of the few cons of using bridges is you must exercise greater maintenance at home and they can be difficult to clean.

Rather than using bridges created from porcelain that feature a metal base, which can lead to the appearance of a dark line along the gum line, Art of Modern Dentistry offers an all-porcelain option to restore your smile without this potential issue in the future.

The all-porcelain bridges still rely on support from the surrounding teeth but won’t create the dark line where the gums and the bridge meet. These bridges can typically be bonded into place, which offers a better fit and a tighter seal for easier cleaning.

All-Porcelain Bridges

In the past, bridges that matched the teeth were made from metal and porcelain. However, technology has improved, allowing these bridges to be made solely of porcelain.

In order to ensure enough strength to handle biting forces, metal was used as a support structure. This created a dark line along the edge, which resulted in a look many people didn’t like.

With breakthroughs in stronger porcelain materials and adhesives, it is not possible to use only porcelain in the construction. This allows for better translucency, which can help them match the patient’s natural teeth.

No metal means the dark line is eliminated entirely. The edge of the bridge itself will be positioned along the gum line, which is much healthier overall. This makes all-porcelain bridges the ideal choice for many patients.

Alternatives to Bridges

If you are missing teeth, there are several alternatives you can consider:

  • Implants
  • Space Maintainer
  • Partial dentures
  • Delayed treatment

Implants are often a preferred choice. While treatment can take longer, this option won’t negatively affect the surrounding teeth.

Space maintainers are a temporary alternative that is often used for children who have lost a tooth prematurely. It helps prevent shifting, so permanent teeth have space when they grow in.

Partial dentures are often used when multiple teeth are missing in various areas. These dentures fill in the spaces to help restore a more natural bite.

Delayed treatment isn’t recommended because it can cause the issue to get worse.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the process is making sure you have the guidance you need to make smart choices. When it comes to dental bridges, they aren’t the right solution for every patient. This is why we encourage you to make an appointment to go over your current state of dental health so you can make the right decisions. Once we determine if dental bridges are the best step, we will then create a treatment plan so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile once more.

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