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Oraverse Anesthesia Reversal in Lakeview & South Loop Chicago

For most patients, the feeling of numbness after dental work is something they are used to but aren’t comfortable with. It can be difficult to continue on with your day when you don’t feel normal. Fortunately, there is a new solution that may eliminate this issue.

Consider OraVerse

OraVerse is a unique product that can quickly reverse the effects of the local anesthetic to allow you to smile, speak, feel and drink normally in about half the time you previously had to wait. It is designed and scientifically proven to increase the speed with which you regain normal sensation and function after your procedure.

This same drug has been used in other areas of medicine for more than 50 years. Now that it has been proven safe and effective in dental applications through clinical trials for patients of all ages, patients can expect to see more use in the coming months and years.

At Art of Modern Dentistry, we are proud to offer OraVerse to our patients so they can go back to their normal lives more quickly after a dental procedure. We will administer this drug to any patient who would like to avoid the long-lasting effects of their anesthesia after a dental procedure.

The best ways to combat numbness is a concern many patients have had over the years. With the use of OraVerse, we are able to offer our patients a safe, effective alternative to waiting it out so they can return to work, school or home without worrying about the lingering effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Exactly Is OraVerse?
A: OraVerse is an injection that is administered locally and can accelerate the return to normal function and sensation. It is offered to patients who don’t want to wait out the lingering effects of anesthesia after their procedure.

Q: How Does It Work?
A: The way in which OraVerse accelerates the reversal of anesthetic effects is vastly unknown and not understood. The active ingredient, Phentolamine mesylate, is a vasodilator. This medication has been used in the medical field since 1952 and is just now gaining ground in the dental field after clinical trials.

Q: Is It Easy to Administer?
A: OraVerse is packaged in a standard dental cartridge, just like many of the other medications administered by injection. It will be administered through a standard syringe at the same injection site as the local anesthetic.

Q: Is OraVerse Safe?
A: OraVerse has gained FDA approval for quickly reversing the effects of local dental anesthetic. It is the first and only medication of its kind to obtain this approval. It has been scientifically proven to be effective and safe in patients between the ages of four and 92. This data was obtained through comprehensive clinical trials.

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