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Advanced Technology Dental Services in Lakeview & South Loop

Using the Latest Tools to Treat Dental Issues

To provide you with the best dental care possible, our Art of Modern Dentistry offices are equipped with the latest technology, including:

  • Air abrasion – A new alternative to dental drills for removing tooth decay
  • Arestin – Antibiotic powder to treat periodontics disease
  • Dental x-rays – Our digital imaging technologies help detect diseases more easily
  • Intraoral photography – Giving you an inside view of your mouth to help make treatment decisions
  • OraVerse – The first product to reverse the effects of anesthesia
  • The Wand – A new computer-controlled method of administering anesthesia injections
  • Velescope – A hand-held device used to screen for oral cancer
  • ZOOM! Laser Whitening – Cleaning your teeth with the latest laser technology

Call our Lakeview office at (773) 904-0644 or our South Loop office at (312) 260-5042 today to learn about how our advanced technology can benefit you!

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