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Frequently Asked Dental Questions About

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dental Care


Why is it so important to have dental exams and cleanings every six months?

Ideally, everyone should brush and floss twice each day. Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, builds up over time and turns into tartar. Biannual cleanings are recommended so we can remove this build up and help prevent dental disease. During these visits we also do an exam to address any current issues or potential problems.

Why is plaque so harmful?

Carbohydrates have a nasty habit of leaving behind traces of sugar and starch that leads to the development of plaque. Oral bacteria thrive on these remnants. Over time, the bacteria produces acid that attacks tooth enamel. Once a tooth looses that protective armor, it will decay. When left unchecked, plaque can reach under the gumline and attack the root of the tooth, causing decay of the jaw bone.


What causes bad breath?

Also known as halitosis, bad breath can be caused by a few different things. It often results from dry mouth, which can be treated by increasing saliva production. The key is to manage oral bacteria growth.

What can I do to treat dry mouth?

  • Drink more water
  • Limit caffeine intake
  • Avoid mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Stop all tobacco use
  • Chew sugar-free gum or candy (should only be for occasional use)

Biotene and other brands have created products that can help patients reduce dry mouth symptoms. You can try these mouthwashes and related products.

Why do my gums sometimes bleed?

The primary cause of bleeding gums is plaque buildup along the gums, which leads to gum disease. Inflamed gums are irritated by tartar, which increases symptoms. If this happens frequently, please call us to schedule an appointment.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Tooth enamel serves as a shield for the tooth. When it’s worn down, or gums have receded, the inside of the tooth is left unprotected. It becomes extremely sensitive to cold or hot drinks, food, and even cold air. Certain toothpastes designed for tooth sensitivity may help, but if it continues you should see your dentist.


What should I do if a tooth gets knocked out?

First, try to locate the tooth or pieces of tooth if it broke. Avoid touching the tooth root if you can, and use warm water to gently rinse off any debris. Place the tooth in a clean container with milk or your own saliva. Get to the dentist as soon as possible for the best chances of re-implantation.

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Geneva Malagutti
I was a little hesitant to come here after reading some reviews on Yelp but decided to give it a try after being reassured by Millie (who is really sweet and pleasant) over the phone, and I'm really happy I did. The office is beautiful, modern, and clean, something that really makes a difference for me going to the dentist. They were very prompt, I didn't have
to wait long to see the dentist.
~ Geneva Malagutti, Chicago, IL
Megan Henley
Art of modern dentistry is an amazing place to get your teeth cleaned! Dr. Daftary is wonderful and funny. They have the best financial experts to help you get the treatment you need. I would recommend their services to my family and friends!
~ Megan Henley, Chicago, IL
Brant Herzer
I've been a Art of Modern Dentistry patient for almost a decade at both the South Loop and Lincoln Park locations. Currently I go to the LP office and have to say these are the bets dental pros in Chicago. From the hygienists, to the doctors, to the office staff everyone is professional, nice, and wonderful at their job.
~ Brant Herzer, Chicago, IL
Ashton McLean-Hall
I was blown away by the warm energy that radiated from the staff. They made sure that I understood everything and knew what the cost would be before we moved forward. Each person took the time to sit with me and explain the process. These people clearly love their job, their co-workers, and have a passion for assisting their clients with their dental health.
~ Ashton McLean-Hall, Chicago, IL