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The Wand Anesthesia in Lakeview & South Loop

Art of Modern Dentistry now offers The Wand. This new tool is a computer controlled injection system that delivers local anesthesia without the use of needles. This creates a more comfortable, yet effective, delivery of anesthetic for patients undergoing dental procedures. Patients no longer have to go through the anxiety-inducing anesthetic injections and the long wait after the procedure to get feeling back before drinking, speaking and smiling properly. This new technology makes those trips to the dentist much simpler.

Whether you are someone who feels nervous about getting injections, or they don’t bother you, The Wand creates a more comfortable experience you can predict. This is especially important when more sensitive areas need to be numbed, such as the palate or the front of the mouth. We can also use less anesthetic than typically used through traditional injections. In some situations, the use of The Wand can also eliminate the lasting effects of the anesthetic, particularly the numbing of the lips, tongue and face many patients must suffer through after a dental procedure.

When dentists administer an injection, it isn’t the needle that is the cause of the majority of the discomfort at the injection site. Instead, most patients experience discomfort due to the volume and pressure of the fluid itself that is injected. The Wand contains a microprocessor that automatically adjusts the pressure and volume based on the varying tissue densities. The anesthetic is then administered with a constant volume and pressure that typically falls below the pain threshold of the patient. In addition, the computer is programed to send a flow of anesthetic just before the needle to ensure the site is numbed before the needle is inserted and to create a pathway for the anesthesia to travel, which means patients will hardly feel the needle at all. The Wand ensures the optimal flow rate to ensure a comfortable experience for every patient.

Art of Modern Dentistry strives to help their patients get quality dental care in the most comfortable environment by using the latest technology and techniques to provide the highest quality dental care possible. The Wand is just one of the specialized technologies we have adopted to ensure our patients get the highest quality in dental care in the most comfortable manner possible.

More information about The Wand can be found at┬áMilestone Scientific’s Website.

Key Facts/Benefits

-Creates a consistent flow of anesthesia for a more comfortable and effective experience for patients
-Delivers a precisely controlled flow rate and pressure for comfortable injections, even in areas that are typically more sensitive, such as the front of the mouth or the palate, where there is less flexibility of the gums.
-A non-threatening look that helps patients relax more, which can enhance the experience. Researchers found The Wand reduces anxiety over the traditional injection methods (Kudo et al, 2001).
-Patients prefer the comfort offered by the use of The Wand.

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