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Digital X-Rays in Lakeview & South Loop

At Art of Modern Dentistry, we are selective about when we take x-rays and which ones are needed. The American Dental Association has many guidelines that must be followed. However, these x-rays are useful in helping us see things that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

About Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays capture x-ray images by using an electronic sensor instead of traditional x-ray films, which are then stored directly on a computer. Most patients are aware of the fact that x-rays can detect cavities in difficult-to-see locations, but they can also determine the bone level and the overall health of the bone in your mouth. X-rays allow us to examine the nerves and roots of the teeth, identify the presence of lesions, including tumors and cysts, and assess traumatic damages.

The Advantages

The use of dental x-rays has become a valuable tool in diagnostics, treatment, and maintenance of oral health. In general, the exposure from these x-rays is minimal. To further minimize exposure, we use digital imaging in our office. In fact, the amount of exposure is reduced by at least 50 percent.

In addition, digital imaging allows us to store patient images more easily, as well as quickly transfer them to insurance companies and specialists as needed. Other advantages include:

  • The reduction of patient radiation exposure by up to 90 percent.
  • The ability to instantly view and enlarge the x-ray images.
  • The dentist can detect problems easier and point them out for the patient to see as well.
  • The digital x-ray does not require film processing, which eliminates the need to dispose of harmful waste products and chemicals into the environment.

Key Points:

  • Dental x-rays serve as important tools in the diagnostics, treatment, and maintenance of oral health.
  • We keep dental x-ray exposure to a minimum with the use of digital imaging.
  • Digital imaging reduces x-ray exposure by around 50 percent.
  • Dental x-rays are only taken based on each patient’s individual health needs, recommended by a dentist only when dentally and medically necessary.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental x-rays are safe as they produce up to 90 percent less radiation compared to tradition x-rays and are better for the health and safety of the patient. Of course, safety precautions are still taken. For example, the x-rays are only taken when necessary and we use lead apron shields to protect the body during the x-ray process. Contact us to learn more about our x-ray process.

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