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Dental X-Rays in Lakeview & South Loop

Dental X-rays In ChicagoOne of the most important components of any dental exam is the dental x-rays. These x-rays are taken to look for a variety of problems with your mouth, jaw and teeth and catch problems before they progress. Like x-rays of other parts of the body, dental x-rays consist of taking pictures of the teeth, bones and the surrounding areas that can be difficult to inspect with the human eye.

These pictures are used to look for cavities, particularly those that are just forming, hidden dental issues, bone loss and tooth decay. Most of these issues can’t be identified with a typical physical inspection, so an x-ray helps our team shed light on potential problems or any progress that is being made. X-rays can help capture these problems in their early stages before they develop into something more serious, requiring more extensive, invasive treatments.

How Often are X-Rays Needed?

How often you need to get dental x-rays is dependent on both your medical and dental history as well as any current conditions that you are experiencing. Some people may benefit from getting x-rays every six months while some people only need them once every couple of years. Our team can help determine the frequency and answer your questions along the way.

What X-Rays Can Detect

Dental x-rays are helpful in detecting a wide variety of problems, including the following:

  • Identifying developing decay
  • Revealing changes in the jaw bone
  • Reveal an abscess
  • Assist in tooth, braces, dentures or implant preparation

A Helpful & Simple Procedure

Dental x-rays are a common part of any dental exam and are painless and fast. Adults should get a bitewing x-ray every two to three years at a minimum to make sure patients have good overall oral health. For teens and children, these x-rays should be taken more frequently due to the rapid changes in their mouth structures. This means x-rays will do more than look for potential health issues; they will also ensure there is enough space in the mouth for adult teeth in general and the wisdom teeth in particular. These teeth have a high occurrence of impacting, which can be reduced if the risk is identified early enough.

If you would like more information on x-ray types and procedures or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office today.

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