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Aetna Dental Insurance Chicago


Art of Modern Dentistry, Chicago, IL accepts Aetna Dental Insurance. Our dentists accept Aetna Dental Insurance.

We are committed to providing optimal dental care to all patients. In order to provide the highest quality care, please read on for important information regarding your dental insurance.

Our Approach Toward Dental Insurance

We are willing to file claims only if you supply us with all of the necessary information regarding your dental insurance no later than your scheduled appointment day. We also ask you to be prepared to cover the costs of whichever aspects of your care your insurer won’t pay for. Your insurer will have 30 days to pay the costs of your claim. We will file each insurance claim we receive; as such, your insurer should receive your claims shortly after the day you were treated. Once 30 days have passed, any unmet payments transfer over to you. Our designated collections firm, led by Deborah S. Ashen, will reach out to you after 60 days of nonpayment. Once we have received payment from your insurance company, we will turn over refunds to you.

Our dental insurance filings are meant to provide further convenience to the patients we serve. We cannot influence the policies of your insurer or what they will or won’t pay. We also have no control over any mistakes made on your insurance files. All we can do is provide you with an estimate of how much you personally owe.


Insurance Payments for Dental Procedures

There is no such thing as complete insurance coverage. Rather, dental insurance plans only cover a portion of your overall care expenses. The average coverage plan handles between 50 and 80 percent of dental care costs. How much your insurer pays depends on your specific contract and coverage history.

Determination of Benefits

Your dental insurance benefits are not determined at all by your dentist. Most insurance companies utilize a schedule they create on their own and allow their own designated fees. This can vary widely by company because they calculate it based on the average of the claims they’ve seen. Allowable fees are typically determined based on data from the past three to five years and often leaves them a 20 to 30 percent profit. Sadly, these fees are often designed to imply you are being overcharged, rather than the insurance company underpaying. In some cases, you may receive reimbursement that comes at a rate much lower than what you may have been charged for care. This may happen as a result of the company’s records of the typical fee for that specific procedure being lower than what the dentist has charged. This type of statement can give off a false impression your dentist is charging you too much in comparison to other dentists within your area.

Deductibles and Co-Payments

Percentages and deductibles are an important part of dental benefit estimates. Allow us to provide you with an example. For example, $150 is your calculated fee for a specific procedure. Your company sets that same amount as what it is willing to pay based on usual charges for that procedure. You will first have to cover the deductible cost of $50. Your insurance company will pay for the remaining 80 percent, leaving the last $70 unpaid and in your hands. Some insurance companies pay even smaller percentages than the amount described above, leaving more debt on the patient’s hand.

Be sure to always reach out ot us about any alterations to your insurance company’s contact information or your overall policy. Contact your insurance company or employer for answers to any questions you may have. However, we are happy to answer any general questions.

What About Finances?

You will only have to pay for your treatment on the day it has been administered to you. We are 100 percent willing to work with you to help you pay for your care in a way that fits into your personal financial situation but also allows you to clear your debt in a timely manner. Credit and debit cards, personal checks and cash are all acceptable forms of payment. We also utilize a company which provides a 12-month interest free payment plan for your convenience.

If you have Aetna Dental Insurance in Chicago, IL, call 877.977.DENT (3368) to schedule an appointment today!

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