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The Importance of Oral Cancer Checks

Published on December 10th, 2018

When you think of cancer, what comes to mind? Skin cancer? Breast cancer? Oral cancer likely isn’t at the top of mind when you think about cancer, but it is a deadly form of cancer that deserves more recognition. Did you know that oral cancer kills one person every hour of every day in the United States? Our dentist in Chicago wants to ensure that you are not another statistic, which is why we are proud to use VELscope. This is an innovative hand-held device that helps detect any abnormal tissues. The procedure itself takes less than two minutes!

How It Works

There is a blue light that is aimed into your oral cavity that excites the surface of your epithelium down to the basement membrane. This membrane is where cancerous changes begin, as well as into the stroma underneath. Our dentist in Chicago will be able to immediately identify whether or not there are any abnormal tissues in your mouth. In fact, this is the only noninvasive device that is proven to identify problem areas as well as potential oral cancer. Only about 35 percent of oral cancer cases are detected early. Catching oral cancer before it further develops can be a life-changing finding!

Regular Visits with Our Dentist in Chicago

It is important that you schedule regular visits with our dentist in Chicago to ensure that your mouth is healthy. We recommend that you visit us at least once every six months for a cleaning and overall checkup of your mouth. Please call us today if you’re interested in VELscope or if you need to schedule a cleaning.

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