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Teeth Whitening Chicago: What You Should Know

Published on February 20th, 2018

It seems like everyone is after a whiter, healthier smile. As we provide teeth whitening services in Chicago, we often get people coming to us asking to lead them in the right direction. We’ve outlined some facts about teeth whitening that you should keep in mind when deciding when and how to get those pearly whites.

Just like your skin, your teeth absorb everything

What you eat and drink play an active role in staining your teeth. As you get older, the stains on your teeth build up. Unless you are actively combating this staining process, it’s tough to avoid. When you whiten your teeth, the product gets absorbed and pushes the stains out through the pores.

When done properly, teeth whitening doesn’t cause damage

Of course, overdoing it will make your teeth sensitive, but the whitening process is harmless when performed correctly. The ingredients open the pores in your teeth and remove stains. After, your teeth will naturally rehydrate.

Sensitivity is normal

As noted above, sensitivity is associated with teeth whitening, but this is normal. The causes of this include thin enamel, damaged teeth or genetics. The teeth-whitening process causes teeth to lose hydration, reducing their ability to insulate the nerve ending. Expect this sensitivity to go away 12-36 hours after whitening.

You can’t whiten caps or veneers

The material used to make these things can never be changed. On the bright side, these things can’t stain either.


If you are looking for a place to get your teeth professionally whitened in Chicago, Art of Modern Dentistry is here to help! Book an appointment with us today to ensure you’re teeth are white for spring!

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