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How To Decrease Tooth Sensitivity

Published on July 18th, 2019

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that affects many individuals nationwide. It can cause sharp and sudden, yet temporary pain. Thankfully, if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, there are methods to help improve your condition and minimize your pain, resulting in a happier and healthier lifestyle. 

Change Your Toothpaste

If tooth sensitivity is something you struggle with on a daily basis, a desensitizing toothpaste is an easy swap that could help. There are several toothpastes on the market that treat sensitivity, and your Chicago dentist can recommend several brands for you to try.

Invest in Specialized Mouthwash

There are several fluoridated mouthwashes that can also help with your tooth sensitivity. Using mouthwashes that are tailored to help alleviate sensitivity, you can help prevent pain over time. The more frequently you are treating your sensitivity outside of our dental office, the faster you will see results. 

Talk to Your Chicago Dentist

If your sensitivity is causing daily pain, and at-home treatment methods are not helping, contact your dental professional for advice on how to remedy the problem. There are also some dental procedures that may be able to alleviate your pain. If your sensitivity is caused by tooth decay, then your dentist may recommend a crown or inlay. In the most severe cases of tooth sensitivity, a root canal could be a solution. 

If you are dealing with tooth sensitivity and need help, contact our Chicago dentists at the Art of Modern Dentistry at (312) 585-2079 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today. 

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