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Finding the Right Dentist for You

Published on June 26th, 2018

Choosing the right dentist is a difficult task, especially if you’re looking for dentists in Chicago. With so many options, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed. Our recommendation is to take your time choosing a dentist, and don’t wait for an emergency. There are several things to think about during your search for the right dental specialist.

Location and Hours

Start with the basics. Is the office easy to get to from your home or work? Do the hours seem flexible with your schedule? By selecting a dentist with convenient hours and location it will be much easier to make appointments and arrive on time.


If you have dental benefits, you’ll want to make sure the dental office will accept your insurance. Additionally, check if they take multiple payment options so you aren’t blindsided after your appointment. Remember that costs vary by dentists, so try to get an estimate of common procedures before committing to one practice.


Dental appointments will be miserable if you don’t find an office and dentist you’re comfortable with. Make sure you feel able to ask them questions and explain symptoms. Does the dentist hear and understand your concerns?


This may go without saying, but ensure your dentist is licensed to practice. You can usually find this information online by looking at your state’s dental boards website. Here you can also determine whether or not any disciplinary action has been taken against them.

The hunt for dentists in Chicago can be challenging but finding the right one is worth your time. Contact the Art of Modern Dentistry to set up an appointment with our friendly professionals!

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