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Cosmetic Dentist Lakeview & South LoopEveryone deserves a picture-perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry is designed to provide that. In order to gain the smile of your dreams, you’ll have to meet with a specialist who can not only diagnose any dental issues you may be facing, but effectively fix said issues.

So, what exactly helps create the perfect smile?

  • Your teeth are straight.
  • There are no gaps between your teeth and they are spaced evenly.
  • Your teeth are unstained and completely white.
  • Your gums don’t show as you smile, just your top row of teeth.
  • The line of your gums is even.
  • Your lower lip’s curvature and your top teeth’s edges align together.

How can a more attractive smile help improve your life? Here’s a little info on the adverse social effects of damaged teeth.

  • 76 percent of people refuse to smile for photos.
  • 48 percent of people feel a person’s smile is a key part of their appearance.
  • 77 percent of people believe a beautiful smile improves mental health.
  • 67 percent of people believe a better smile boosts one’s romantic success.

Professionals have devised many procedures designed to improve your smile, no matter the natural condition of your teeth.

What Exactly Is a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers are best defined as a type of procedure meant to both resolve cosmetic dental issues and improve one’s smile drastically and completely. Smile makeovers can fix such problems as:

  • Stained teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Smiles that show too much gum
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps between one’s teeth
  • Missing teeth

What Is the Result of a Smile Makeover?

By undergoing a smile makeover, you can expect the best possible outcome: a stunning smile with well-aligned, pearly white teeth.

The majority of professionals use porcelain products, such as onlays, crowns and veneers, to set off the smile makeover process. Veneers, small porcelain pieces overlaid onto the teeth, are the most common option. This is because they tend to both feel and look more natural; they are also much easier for dentists to work with in order to restore your teeth. In addition, they are much less prone to stains and other forms of damage. Onlays and crowns are similarly beneficial but are installed through different means.

More About the Average Smile Makeover Procedure

The professional working with you will start off the procedure by creating a mold of your teeth. They will then ship that mold to a dental lab, who will then get to work creating a new wax mold of what your mouth should look like in its restored state. Once the new mold is finished, the dentist will show it to you and ask your opinion. Should you be unhappy with the mold, the dentist will ask the lab to make any necessary changes. However, if you like it, the lab will start creating the necessary porcelain fixtures to help craft your new smile.

The porcelain fixtures should be ready for installation in three to four weeks. In the meantime, your dentist will outfit you with temporary veneers.

The Equipment Used

There are a few common pieces of equipment your dentist may use during your smile makeover procedure, such as:

  • A soft tissue laser, which is meant to remove the frenum, the muscle typically responsible for front tooth gaps, and reshape the line of the gums
  • Digital imaging equipment, which helps visualize your made over smile and give you an idea of how you will look following the procedure
  • An intra-oral camera, which will allow your dentist to make a diagnosis for your teeth by blowing up pictures taken of the inside of your mouth

How the Recovery Process Works

There is little difference between recovering from a smile makeover versus other forms of dental work. You can expect to feel sore for a few days, particularly around your gums. Any pain you experience may be easily treated with ibuprofen or similar medications.

You may have to come back into the office one to two weeks following the procedure to make sure your veneers still fit well.

Will There Be Complications?

Studies and patient reports show no complications after this type of procedure.

How Do I Qualify?


Anyone who meets at least one point of the criteria below can qualify to receive a smile makeover.

  • I hide my smile with a beard or mustache.
  • I don’t like the way my smile looks.
  • My teeth are yellowed or have stains.
  • My teeth aren’t straight.
  • I don’t like smiling in front of people because of the way my teeth look.
  • My teeth are broken or chipped.
  • My teeth have gaps and spaces in between them.
  • My smile is keeping me from fulfilling my personal and professional life.
  • Some of my teeth are missing.

How Much Will This Procedure Cost?

The cost of a smile makeover will depend on the actual treatment plan.

The most common version of a smile makeover is simply 10 anterior, or upper front, veneers.

The cost per veneer can range from $800 to $1,500 depending on the lab fees. We offer flexible payment plans to make your new smile affordable.

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