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Have you Heard About Invisalign?

Posted on September 9th, 2013 by

Move over, traditional braces! Invisalign is a breakthrough technology for straightening teeth, using clear plastic aligners custom-made for each individual patient.
These aligners are comfortably fitted over your teeth and virtually invisible to others. They gradually and gently shift your teeth into the desired position based on the exact movements the dentist plans out. Rather than metal wire braces that need to be tightened, you get a new set of aligners every couple of weeks until teeth have straightened as desired. Here are a few advantages of Invisalign over traditional metal braces:

  • Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible while braces require brackets and wires.
  • The aligners are smooth and comfortable while the wires in traditional braces can poke and irritate your mouth.
  • Aligners are easily removable, making them easier to clean while brushing and flossing with braces take much ┬ámore effort.
  • You can eat whatever you want with Invisalign while braces give you many food restrictions.

Straight teeth not only give you confidence in an improved appearance, they also benefit health in several ways:
Healthier Teeth and Gums
Teeth that are either too crowded or too widely spaced can cause red, swollen gums, signs of periodontal disease. When teeth are appropriately aligned, they allow the gums to fit more securely around the teeth, giving you the strongest defense against potential periodontal problems. Without unsightly brackets or wires, Invisalign gradually moves your teeth to the proper position.
Easier Cleaning
With braces, it can be a challenge to remove food particles that get stuck in the brackets and wires. This can lead to plaque build up and tooth decay. Invisalign aligners are removable, so you can continue to brush and floss as you normally do.
Overall Health
The condition of your teeth and gums, as well as the way they look to others, say a lot about your overall health. If you take good care of your mouth, you probably take care of the rest of your body.
Tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria – if left untreated, they can cause mouth sores, tender or bleeding gums, bad breath and even tooth loss. Oral infections can also lead to more serious diseases like pneumonia, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
Using Invisalign aligners makes daily oral hygiene much easier and more convenient, thus reducing the risk of possible problems. Properly aligned teeth can also alleviate issues caused by an improper bite, speech or chewing difficulties, jaw problems, and increased wear on enamel.
Art of Modern Dentistry is currently offering Invisalign for patients for a cost as low as $1,485. Call us to learn more about why Invisalign is the best choice for you!

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Geneva Malagutti
I was a little hesitant to come here after reading some reviews on Yelp but decided to give it a try after being reassured by Millie (who is really sweet and pleasant) over the phone, and I'm really happy I did. The office is beautiful, modern, and clean, something that really makes a difference for me going to the dentist. They were very prompt, I didn't have
to wait long to see the dentist.
~ Geneva Malagutti, Chicago, IL
Megan Henley
Art of modern dentistry is an amazing place to get your teeth cleaned! Dr. Daftary is wonderful and funny. They have the best financial experts to help you get the treatment you need. I would recommend their services to my family and friends!
~ Megan Henley, Chicago, IL
Brant Herzer
I've been a Art of Modern Dentistry patient for almost a decade at both the South Loop and Lincoln Park locations. Currently I go to the LP office and have to say these are the bets dental pros in Chicago. From the hygienists, to the doctors, to the office staff everyone is professional, nice, and wonderful at their job.
~ Brant Herzer, Chicago, IL
Ashton McLean-Hall
I was blown away by the warm energy that radiated from the staff. They made sure that I understood everything and knew what the cost would be before we moved forward. Each person took the time to sit with me and explain the process. These people clearly love their job, their co-workers, and have a passion for assisting their clients with their dental health.
~ Ashton McLean-Hall, Chicago, IL