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Getting Botox at the Dentist?

Published on May 16th, 2019

Yes, you read that headline correctly! You may traditionally associate Botox with a medical spa, but it is more and more common for dentists in Chicago to offer Botox services to their patients. Our team at the Art of Modern Dentistry is proud to offer our patients Botox to help those suffering from conditions like TMJ or excessive migraines. Here’s what you need to know!

What is Botox?

If you aren’t familiar with Botox, it is a protein injection that prevents treated muscles from moving. The muscles that are injected are temporarily restricted from contracting. Botox is traditionally used for smoothing facial wrinkles, but it has uses in the dental world as well.

Treating TMJ & Joint Pain

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is pain in the jaw that develops for a variety of problems. While the exact cause of TMJ can be difficult to pinpoint, factors include genetics, arthritis or an injury to the jaw. Many people also grind their teeth at night without being aware of it, resulting in pain and discomfort. As a solution, our dentist in Chicago may recommend Botox. Botox can help control the jaw joint and deliver relief to the affected area.

Treating Excessive Migraines

There are tons of Americans who suffer from frequent migraines, some even experiencing 15 migraines per month. One option that can help is Botox, as the more often a patient suffers from headaches and migraines, the better they respond to Botox as a solution. The American Migraine Foundation notes that Botox is the only FDA-approved solution for chronic migraine sufferers. It is injected around pain fibers that are involved in headaches.

Are you interested in learning more about receiving Botox from our dentist in Chicago? Contact our team today, or visit our Botox page here. 

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