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Dental Terms You Should Know

Published on August 10th, 2019

Dental terminology can be a mouthful at times and as your dentists in Chicago, we want to make sure you feel comfortable coming to us with questions you may have about procedures, technology, and tools. You can refer here to some terms to know.


Basic Cleaning: Basic or routine cleanings are for a normal amount of plaque build-up in regular patients. It’s a preventative treatment for those with healthy gum tissue and should take place bi-yearly.

Bonding: This is an adhesive dentistry treatment that applies tooth-colored resin material and a high intensity curing light to improve the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth.

Cavity: A cavity is a permanently damaged area in a tooth that develops into tiny hols. They are treatable by a dentist, with options including fluoride, fillings, and crowns.

Dental Specialist: We are dental specialists! We can figure out the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatments of anything that involve your oral health. We’re also able to perform treatments, such as root canals, to alleviate dental pain.

Gingivitis: Also known as gum inflammation, gingivitis is a common type of gum disease that causes irritated, red, and swelled gums.

Periodontal Disease: When your gums become red and inflamed, resulting in abnormally deep space between the tooth and gum tissue. This serious gum infection damages gums and can destroy the jawbone if not immediately treated.

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