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Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry is an Art

Published on July 5th, 2016

Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago

Make no mistake: cosmetic dentistry is just as much an art as it is a science. Chicago cosmetic dentists need to treat each smile like the work of art that it truly is when performing dental services to patients. Our dental professionals are dedicated to providing our patients with only the best services available. Below are some of the ways a Chicago cosmetic dentist needs to be more than just a doctor.

Elements of Art

Chicago cosmetic dentistry involves all sorts of artistic elements. From colors to shapes, to compositions, cosmetic dentistry is all about aesthetics. The final product of cosmetic dentistry services is like a beautiful sculpture or an intricate painting—except the final product of Chicago cosmetic dentistry is so much better than these art forms, because it isn’t on some gallery wall or in some museum somewhere. It is on the faces of our beautiful Chicagoan patients!


Chicago cosmetic dentists use colors in their work much in the same way a traditional artist would. They need to choose colors that will go with the rest of the piece. In the case of cosmetic dentistry, this often means choosing colors that match the rest of the mouth. Veneers, for example, can come in a variety of colors. It can be tempting for patients to want to choose very white veneers so that their teeth will appear white. However, it is the job of the Chicago cosmetic dentist to match the veneers to the rest of the teeth to avoid a stark contrast that will ultimately look unnatural or unappealing. Cosmetic dentists also use color in the tooth-whitening process. Professional teeth whitening needs to be handled delicately and diligently to ensure the brightest, whitest smile possible!


Just like artists, Chicago cosmetic dentists carefully shape their pieces to the form that looks the best. In the case of cosmetic dentistry, these shapes need not only look good but need to function correctly too. In the case of veneers, crowns, and implants, the cosmetic dentist needs to mold or cut the final piece into a shape that will fit and match the rest of the patient’s smile. They also need to make sure that the shape of the piece will perform the function that a natural tooth would—be it biting, cutting, or chewing.


Just like an artist, a cosmetic dentist needs to keep the big picture in mind. How will the final product look all together? The end result of an artist’s work is a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, and the like. But a cosmetic dentist’s final product is a smile. How will all the elements of the cosmetic work come together? They need to be cohesive and fluid and match the rest of the smile. Achieving this as a Chicago cosmetic dentist is truly a form of art.

Understanding Your Needs

At Art of Modern Dentistry, we want to understand your needs. We know the importance of maintaining the look of your smile. This is why we work closely with our patients, listening to their needs and doing our best to provide them with the smiles they are hoping for. Consultations with your cosmetic dentist is a great way to start this process. During this consult, you have the opportunity to discuss your wants needs and expectations from your upcoming procedures. You also speak one-on-one with your dental professional who will explain the process and what they feel they can provide for you.

The Smile You’ve Been Waiting For

Helping our patients achieve the smiles they’ve been waiting for is one of our main goals at Art of Modern Dentistry. We understand when a patient comes in seeking cosmetic dentistry, they have a unique look in mind. With quality care, advanced training and top-of-the-line equipment, we will work tirelessly to help you transform your smile into the vision you’ve longed for. Our staff is trained to assist you in choosing the best treatment options available for any issues you may suffer from.

If you are in need of cosmetic dentistry in the Chicago area, giving us a call at Art of Modern Dentistry is a great first step in achieving the smile you’ve always wanted.

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