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Can you Blame Genetics for Your Teeth?

Your teeth’s alignment, health, and color are all a combination of genetics and personal oral care. It is still unsure how much genetics may play a role, but there are studies that link certain oral problems to genetics and some problems mainly to environment:
Teeth Alignment
This alignment of teeth is likely hereditary. Crooked teeth or misalignment of teeth is due to differences in sizes of upper and lower jaw, variations in teeth size, gum size, and more. The way your teeth grow in is designed by your bodies DNA unless you have an external issue or disease preventing its designated path.

One of the most common traits passed down from generation to generation is your susceptibility to cavities. Different studies link cavities to genes in a variety of ways. Some studies suggest that altered tooth enamel is hereditary, and those with less tooth enamel are more susceptible to cavities. Others suggest that cavities are more common if you have a low mineral saliva and poorly aligned teeth, and both of these factors are also hereditary.
The color of your teeth is tricky to link to genetics. There are color-influencing factors in our genes such as metabolic and chemical. However, the color of your teeth is majorly due to your oral health habits. You can easily stain and cause discoloration from drinking too much coffee, smoking tobacco, or forgetting regular oral health practices.
Healthy Teeth
A Lincoln Park dentist will agree that you can increase your chances of having good teeth with the right dental practices. Eating right, getting good sleep, and maintaining your oral hygiene will all keep your mouth happy–no matter what your parent’s genes were. If you are at all uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth due to an environmental or genetic reason, visit a Lincoln Park dentist to discuss your options.
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