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29 DIY Remedies For a Tooth Ache

Posted on October 29th, 2014 by Dr. Nikoo Daftary

Art of Modern Dentistry ChicagoIf you’ve ever had a toothache, you know that it can be one of the most painful situations you want to avoid. It can happen to anyone without warning. There could be an infection in the gum or tooth, or redness and swelling around the area affected. The throbbing sharp pain can drive you insane. If it’s not treated quickly, there’s always the chance you could lose the tooth. Pain severity can range from light to intense.
While the home remedies we share below do not cure a toothache problem, they may help you have some relief from pain. If you do get a toothache, come see your friendly South Loop Dentist and we will get you taken care of lickety split.
Do It Yourself Helps for Tooth Ache:
Some common items in your home can help with your toothache and provide some relief from the pain. Be sure to come visit us here at the Art of Modern Dentistry to learn the cause of your pain and so we can treat it.
1. Baby Aspirin:
Flavored baby aspirins can be crushed and applied directly to the decayed area of your tooth. Allowing it to dissolve on its own can give you some relief from the pain.
2. Regular Teabag:
Put a wet tea bag on your tooth to help lessen the swelling and pain. You can put the teabag in super cold water before putting it on your tooth if you are not sensitive to cold.
3. Ginger and Cayenne Pepper:
With a few drops of water added to powdered ginger and cayenne, you can make a thick paste. Then cover a cotton ball completely with the paste and apply to your tooth keeping away from your gums so not to cause irritation. This can provide immediate pain relief.
4. Cloves:
Used for centuries for toothaches, cloves are another great option. Put a little bit of ground cloves next to the tooth in pain and allow it to stay in place. You will begin to feel the toothache pain diminish shortly thereafter.
5. Fresh Garlic:
Garlic is wonderful for so many health and medicinal purposes, and that includes a toothache. Mix a crushed clove of garlic with some rock salt and apply to your tooth for relief.
6. Brandy or Whiskey:
Soak a cotton ball in some brandy or whisky and apply to your tooth for temporary relief of pain. You can keep replacing the cotton ball until you can get in to your Lakeview or South Loop dentist.
7. Myrrh:
Simmer a teaspoon of myrrh with 2 cups of water for a half an hour. Strain it and allow it to cool. Then dilute one teaspoon of this with half a glass of water. This solution can be used to rinse out your mouth several times a day.
8. Vicks Vapor Rub:
Not just for coughs and colds, Vicks VapoRub can be very helpful if you have a swollen tooth. Put this rub on the painful area of your tooth and put a cloth or towel over it to keep the heat generated inside. Soon you will feel the pain relief as well as a decrease in the swelling.
9. Saltwater:
Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Then rinse your mouth with this warm salt water to help the swelling and kill the bacteria in your mouth.
10. Peppermint Tea:
You can numb the painful area of your mouth using peppermint tea. Boil a cup of water and add a teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves and let boil for twenty minutes. Then strain it and allow it to cool. You can use this as a mouth rinse and repeat as needed for relief.
11. Onions:
You won’t mind the smell when this remedy helps. Cut a piece of onion (raw) and put right on your sore tooth. It will ease the pain and help kills the germs that cause the pain.
12. Tea Tree Oil:
Tea tree oil has so many benefits including helping ease a toothache. Place a cotton ball that is soaked in this oil right up against your affected tooth. You will feel the relief very shortly. You can also rinse your mouth with warm water mixed with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, making sure you don’t swallow but spit it out
13. Neem or Margosa Bark:
There are curative elements in the bark of a Neem or Margosa tree. Using approximately 2 inches of bark and 6 cloves, boil together and strain the liquid, and store in your fridge in a sealed container. Use on your sore tooth for relief.
14. Asafetida:
Asafetida is a plant with gum-like materials and also a resin used for medicinal purposes. Try grinding some asafetida with fresh lemon juice. Create a warm paste, making sure you do not burn the asafetida. Place a cotton ball soaked in this paste directly on your sore tooth. This can eliminate your pain almost instantly, and is great for a toothache that is caused by a cavity.
15. Hydrogen Peroxide:
Try rinsing your mouth completely with 3% hydrogen peroxide. This can lessen the discomfort and infection. Afterwards, be sure and rinse with plain water a few times. This is a temporary relief for tooth aches caused by an infected tooth accompanied by a fever and a foul taste in your mouth.
16. Chewing Gum:
Try covering an exposed part of your tooth (from loss of a filling) with chewing gum. This can provide you with pain relief from being exposed. Be sure and visit your Chicago Dentist quickly to get your tooth fixed.
17. Salt and Pepper:
Using equal amounts of salt and ground black pepper, add a little water to create a thick paste. Apply paste to the affected tooth to lessen the pain. This is not a remedy for your gums, so keep paste clear of them.
18. Plantain Leaf:
Take a washed plantain leaf and chew it up until it’s well chewed. Then put it on your sore tooth, using your fingers if needed to keep in place. This can give you some needed relief.
19. Ice Pack:
Put one or more ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap it up using a thin towel creating your own homemade ice pack. Use this ice pack on the side of your face that is in pain and keep it there for 15 minutes or so. This helps bring down the swelling and numbs the nerves to ease your pain.
20. Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth:
You know you have sensitive teeth if you feel a sharp pain when consuming hot or cold foods. Resolve this issue by using a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth happen when gums begin shrinking and exposing the dentin.
21. Cinnamon:
Combine cinnamon and honey for toothache pain relief. Mix about five teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of powdered cinnamon to make a sticky paste. Apply right on your tooth several times a day until your pain is gone.
22. Potato Slice:
Use a peeled and sliced piece of potato directly on your tooth for relief. You can even make a paste from ground potato mixed with rock salt and apply to ease the pain.
23. Vanilla Extract:
For instant relief, put 2 or 3 drops of vanilla extract directly on your sore tooth. The pain will miraculously disappear.
24. Cucumber Slice:
Take a fresh cucumber slice it up, putting a piece right on your tooth. You can bring the cucumber to room temperature first, if you are sensitive to cold, otherwise, use a cool cucumber. You can also make a paste by mashing up the cucumber and mixing with rock salt. Apply paste to your affected tooth for relief.
25. Bayberry Bark:
To strengthen your gums as well as getting pain relief, try the bark of Bayberry. Make a paste using the bark and white vinegar and apply directly to your tooth for pain relief.
26. Baking Soda:
Baking soda is truly a wonderful thing! Take a cotton ball and get it moist with water. Then cover it with baking soda and put it against your affected tooth to lessen the pain. For the same results, you can mix a large teaspoon of baking soda with some warm water and use as a mouth rinse.
27. Acupressure with Ice Cube:
With your index finger and thumb, rub an ice cube in-between. This technique can lessen your pain until you can come visit your Lakeview dental office.
28. Guava Leaves:
Chew on a few guava leaves to lessen your toothache pain. If you can’t find guava leaves, try using fresh spinach leaves as a substitute.
29. Wheatgrass Juice:
Wheatgrass is great at fighting tooth decay and easing pain due to its antibacterial properties. Squeeze the juice from some wheatgrass and then use it to rinse your mouth. This will lessen the level of bacteria and ease the infection pain. Try chewing on wheatgrass for the same results.
In Conclusion:
If you keep a good oral hygiene regime, you can avoid most toothaches. So be sure and brush your teeth two times each day and floss after meals. Also, limit your sugar intake and include more raw vegetables and fruit into your diet. Strawberries and apples are actually good for your teeth.
Even though these DIY home remedies can help, do not put off coming in to see your dentist. Your toothache won’t go away completely if it’s cause has not been eliminated. Come see us today, we are happy to help you.

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