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Teeth Bonding in Chicago

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Similar to dental veneers, dental bonding can alter both the look and functionality of your teeth. However, instead of applying a porcelain face to the front of the tooth, we use a tooth-colored filling made of composite resin, and mechanically and chemically bond it to each tooth to create a straighter, whiter smile.

Art of Modern Dentistry is a premier dental practice with multiple locations on the north side of Chicago. Our dentists are committed to providing skilled and compassionate care backed by the best technology in the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities of dental bonding, schedule your free consultation today!

Benefits of Dental Bonding in Chicago

Dental bonding can:

  • Fill in the gaps between your teeth
  • Change the size of misshapen or small teeth
  • Repair chipped or cracked teeth
  • Whiten darkened or stained teeth
  • Shape or color a single tooth to change the look of your smile
  • Protect a portion of your tooth’s root that is exposed due to receding gums
  • And more!

Dental bonding is a popular choice because, unlike crowns or veneers, the original structure of your tooth is kept intact, making this procedure reversible.

It is also fairly inexpensive compared to other types of cosmetic procedures. The composite bonding procedure typically lasts less than an hour, and you typically won’t need anesthesia.

Getting Fitted For Composite Bonding in Chicago

To begin the process, we will roughen your teeth and apply a conditioning gel. Tooth-colored resin is then positioned on the teeth and sculpted into the desired shape. We then use a high-intensity light to harden the resin and bond it to the teeth.

You can expect the process to take 30-60 minutes per tooth to complete. Unless you are using the dental bonding procedure to help fill a cavity, no anesthesia is required. The process is as simple as that.

You will leave our office feeling confident in your smile once again. After the procedure is complete, you will have a strong bond. This procedure will greatly alter the look of your smile and create the healthy, white smile you’ve always wanted.

Cosmetic Bonding Aftercare

Rest assured that the process of dental bonding is designed to last; although every case is unique, you can typically expect the procedure to last for at least 10 years, at which point the material should be replaced.

Please remember that dental bonding can chip, so it is important to avoid poor dental habits that could jeopardize the material. Chewing on your fingernails, pens, ice, or other hard objects may result in chipping or dislodging the bonded material. If you notice that there is a chip, simply contact our team to have it fixed!

Chicago’s Trusted Dental Bonding Specialists

At Art of Modern Dentistry, your oral hygiene and dental care are our top priority. Our team of experienced dental professionals uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the best dentistry experience possible and that you leave our office with the smile you deserve.

We’re the most trusted choice for cosmetic dentistry in Chicago! Reach out today to schedule your free consultation.

How Much Does Dental Bonding Cost in Chicago?

Dental tooth bonding is an extremely affordable dental procedure. The costs vary depending on the technique used, ranging anywhere from $100 to $400 per tooth. The final amount will depend on the number of teeth you are looking to have done and your goals and expectations for treatment.

At Art of Modern Dentistry, our goal is to provide excellent dental care to as many people as possible. We have several financing options available as well as a partnership with Citi Health to give our clients a convenient payment option so you can get the care you need when you need it.

Meet with a Teeth Bonding Specialist in Chicago

If you’re interested in the possibilities of cosmetic bonding, reach out to the team at Art of Modern Dentistry. Call (773) 935-3600today to schedule your free consultation!

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Geneva Malagutti
I was a little hesitant to come here after reading some reviews on Yelp but decided to give it a try after being reassured by Millie (who is really sweet and pleasant) over the phone, and I'm really happy I did. The office is beautiful, modern, and clean, something that really makes a difference for me going to the dentist. They were very prompt, I didn't have
to wait long to see the dentist.
~ Geneva Malagutti, Chicago, IL
Megan Henley
Art of modern dentistry is an amazing place to get your teeth cleaned! Dr. Daftary is wonderful and funny. They have the best financial experts to help you get the treatment you need. I would recommend their services to my family and friends!
~ Megan Henley, Chicago, IL
Brant Herzer
I've been a Art of Modern Dentistry patient for almost a decade at both the South Loop and Lincoln Park locations. Currently I go to the LP office and have to say these are the bets dental pros in Chicago. From the hygienists, to the doctors, to the office staff everyone is professional, nice, and wonderful at their job.
~ Brant Herzer, Chicago, IL
Ashton McLean-Hall
I was blown away by the warm energy that radiated from the staff. They made sure that I understood everything and knew what the cost would be before we moved forward. Each person took the time to sit with me and explain the process. These people clearly love their job, their co-workers, and have a passion for assisting their clients with their dental health.
~ Ashton McLean-Hall, Chicago, IL