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How to Eat with Dentures

Published on May 15th, 2018

Getting used to dentures involves patience. When you first get dentures from our dentist in Chicago, you’ll likely notice that routine activities like talking, singing and even eating involve more attention to detail. Here are some tips and tricks on how to adjust to eating with dentures so you can feel confident of every aspect of your new smile.

Start Slowly

Give yourself time to adjust to your new dentures by eating soft foods. Chew slowly so you can get used to what it feels like to chew with dentures in; it will help to cut foods into bite-sized pieces as well. Try chewing with both sides of your mouth so you don’t favor one side too much. As you gain confidence, you may even feel like you can chew on both sides of your mouth at the same time.

Don’t Use Front Teeth

Using your front teeth to chew when you have dentures in will likely cause them to become unstable, and it may even make your gum line sore. Try to keep chewing towards the back of your mouth.

You’ll Gain Confidence!

Be patient with yourself; you’re learning to eat with a foreign object in your mouth. You may be frustrated at first, but within weeks or even days, you’ll feel more confident eating your normal diet. Slowly introduce solid food back into your diet as well.

Remove Food

Our dentists in Chicago understand how important it is that you keep your dentures clean. At the end of each day, remove dentures and clean them with a soft-bristled toothbrush to get rid of leftover food. You can also soak them overnight, so they don’t dry out.

If you have questions or concerns about eating with dentures, contact our dentist in Chicago today!

Source: Colgate

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