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Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Published on October 20th, 2019

The holidays are almost here, but we want to make sure you continue your eating healthy habits as you spend time with your family and friends. Our cosmetic dentists near Chicago IL are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your oral health in good shape as the year winds down.


Make sure if you choose to eat sweets and other sugary foods, that you are eating them with meals or right after you finish one. The Saliva production normally increases during meals so it will help cancel out the acids from the sweets, ultimately rinsing away food particles.

Avoid Sticky Foods And Candies

While many people may think that dried fruit is okay to snack on, it is actually sticky and can stay on your teeth longer than other types of food. If you eat dried fruits during the holidays, rinse with water and brush effeciently when you finish. As for hard candies, these are known to be full of sugar and have the ability to cause broken or chipped teeth. Make sure you avoid any hard candies if possible so you don’t have to have an emergency visit to the dentist during a party!

Try To Limit Alcohol

Holidays are the time to gather with friends and have a drink or two, but alcohol can dry out your mouth, creating bacteria and a lack of saliva. Make sure you hydrate in between drinks with a glass of water!

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We hope you have a great holiday season. Consider sticking to foods like protein choices low-fat dairy foods. We want you to have great healthy habits because it translates into your oral health. Contact our cosmetic dentists near Chicago, IL before or after the holidays to make an appointment for your bi-yearly cleaning.


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