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What to Know About Pediatric Dentistry

Published on January 18th, 2019

As adults, our oral care routines are firmly established. But what about our kids? Believe it or not, it is important to visit our Lincoln Park dentist as soon as you notice they are getting teeth in. Regardless of how old your child is, our team at the Art of Modern Dentistry is dedicated to treating your child in a gentle and caring matter. We always encourage children to see dental care as something fun that they can enjoy rather than a chore that they have to endure.

Start Habits Early

The sooner you begin to introduce the importance of oral health to your child, the better the results will be. Letting your child pick out his or her own toothbrush, reading books about brushing and flossing, and encouraging other family members to brush their teeth at the same time is a great way to keep your child engaged.

Potential Children’s Dental Problems

Children are exposed to different conditions than adults are, such as early childhood caries that occur when a child stays on the bottle or breastfeeds for too long. Gum disease in children is another concern, as roughly 40 percent of children 2-3 years old suffer mild gum inflammation. The sooner you seek dental treatment for your child, the better the results will be.

Visit Our Lincoln Park Dentist

When it comes to your child’s oral health, you don’t want to pick just any dentist. Pediatric dentists have an additional 2-3 years of training that gives them a unique perspective on what it takes to treat a child’s mouth. Our team is committed to providing all members of your family with the quality care that they deserve.

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