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Lakeview South Loop
Lakeview South Loop

Your Preferred Cosmetic Dentist in Lakeview, Chicago

Our smiles are critical not only to our overall health and well-being but also to our self-esteem. Dental issues, from cavities to gum disease, can all have an impact on our dental health. They can impair our ability to speak and chew food and cause bad breath and jaw pain. Furthermore, dental issues can detract from the beauty of our smile and make us feel self-conscious.

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These are just a few of the reasons why cosmetic dental care is so important in dentistry. We prioritize oral health and individual smile goals. The Art of Modern Dentistry combines advanced treatment methods with procedures designed to achieve optimal aesthetic results and functionality.

Cutting-Edge Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

If you are considering cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance or functionality of your teeth, we can help. The Art of Modern Dentistry provides a wide range of services to patients with a variety of oral health issues. Among these are, but are not limited to:

Why Seek Cosmetic Dentistry in Lakeview?

Teeth that have been damaged by trauma, disease, or decay can result in dental health issues that affect the entire smile. For example, a cracked tooth can cause root damage. This can lead to tooth extraction and the need for a dental implant or bridge.

Other teeth may shift out of place as a result of missing teeth. This can result in bite alignment issues, TMJ, difficulty speaking or chewing food, and a crooked smile. Furthermore, untreated cavities can cause bad breath, severe tooth pain, and the need for a root canal in the future.

It is critical to seek professional treatment for dental health issues right away, even if they seem to be purely cosmetic. If you have a dental concern of any kind, schedule a consultation with our dental professionals at Art of Modern Dentistry.

Whether you have a chipped tooth with a jagged edge or a gap between your teeth that’s impacting your speech, the team at Art of Modern Dentistry is here to help.

Lakeview’s #1 Cosmetic Dental Experts

If you are having trouble finding a trusted dentist to help you achieve the smile you want, contact Art of Modern Dentistry. We prioritize patient health by customizing each treatment plan, and we recommend procedures that will deliver the smile of your dreams.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Art of Modern Dentistry. Reach out online at your convenience or call today.

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Geneva Malagutti
I was a little hesitant to come here after reading some reviews on Yelp but decided to give it a try after being reassured by Millie (who is really sweet and pleasant) over the phone, and I'm really happy I did. The office is beautiful, modern, and clean, something that really makes a difference for me going to the dentist. They were very prompt, I didn't have
to wait long to see the dentist.
~ Geneva Malagutti, Chicago, IL
Megan Henley
Art of modern dentistry is an amazing place to get your teeth cleaned! Dr. Daftary is wonderful and funny. They have the best financial experts to help you get the treatment you need. I would recommend their services to my family and friends!
~ Megan Henley, Chicago, IL
Brant Herzer
I've been a Art of Modern Dentistry patient for almost a decade at both the South Loop and Lincoln Park locations. Currently I go to the LP office and have to say these are the bets dental pros in Chicago. From the hygienists, to the doctors, to the office staff everyone is professional, nice, and wonderful at their job.
~ Brant Herzer, Chicago, IL
Ashton McLean-Hall
I was blown away by the warm energy that radiated from the staff. They made sure that I understood everything and knew what the cost would be before we moved forward. Each person took the time to sit with me and explain the process. These people clearly love their job, their co-workers, and have a passion for assisting their clients with their dental health.
~ Ashton McLean-Hall, Chicago, IL